March 7, 2012

Writing Process

So I had plans to post about my writing/revising process to date, but I've been lost writing queries. Apparently writing queries makes me not want to blog, or something. During the last two weeks of query writing and agent research, I have:

1) Confirmed to my complete satisfaction that I am bad at waiting for things.
2) Eaten an entire tub of Trader Joe's peanut butter cups.
3) Woken up in the wee hours of the morning wanting to work on my new writing project.

Oh, new writing project (that I will henceforth call GhostNovel) - I've been waiting several years to be ready to write you, and now I think I am. I've posted here before about Lev Grossman's comment that authors are like magpies: they collect things that shine at them funny because they know they'll need them later. I've found that to be inescapably true. So here's what my desk is looking like:

Yes, that's a book fan. Yes, I'll blog about it later.

I keep note cards in my purse on which I write quotes, plot points, and anything and everything I think could be useful to an upcoming project. It's pretty satisfying (and immensely helpful) to lay them all out when I'm ready to start.

Research/Inspiring Pile.

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  1. Hey Kate
    Thanks for the writing tip of note cards. I use those little moleskin books but that gets pricey.
    My new project is finally in process...My Memoirs about Camp...go figure!
    I enjoy hearing from you and find myself feeling proud of your accomplishments...Keep up the good work.