June 22, 2013

School Is Out

School is finally, officially out for summer, and I finally have time to relax and reflect on what a crazy year it's been. My body hasn't quite figured out it's summer yet: I still wake up early, tense and ready to get 1,000 things done. I feel guilty sitting down for ten minutes to have coffee without doing anything else at the same time. So my primary goal for the summer is to let myself unwind, reflect, and just BE sometimes. I miss what it feels like to let my mind wander!

Other goals include: revising my novel, reading for fun, getting back in shape, cooking, adventuring, learning how to use InDesign (properly)...and, you know, writing more interesting and cohesive blog posts. 

Despite my appalling lack of knowledge about design software, it did manage to make this 'favorite quote' collage for my 11th graders. Recognize any of these literary gems?

Despite its intensity, I've had an incredible last nine months: now I'm ready to take some nice, deep breaths. Here's to The Summer of Freedom!