June 21, 2012

Being Crafty: How To Repaint a Junkyard Trunk

When I'm not procrastination baking, I like procrastination crafting. I bought an old trunk for $15 in New York State last year and hadn't done anything with it yet. I figured since I'm moving soon and this thing is going at the end of my bed, I'd better give it a makeover. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out:

It's easy, too. No really...the easiest.

Step 1: Clean and sand it.

Step 2: Spray on a primer coat. I don't think I necessarily had to do this, but I figured it wouldn't hurt. The primer dries very quickly. I love spray paint; it's almost idiot proof as long as you're aiming in the right direction (hint: not at your eyes). The key is to not hold it close to the object you're painting and not hold it in one place too long. Otherwise you'll get drippage, and no one likes that.

Step 3: Spray paint with your primary color. (same process as above. It dries super fast, too).

Step 4: This step isn't hard, but it's a labor of love. Carefully tape paper over the panels you want to stay your primary color. Give the trunk a couple of hours to dry and use painter's tape or it's liable to strip off a layer when you take it off later.

Step 5: Spray on your trim paint. I used a hammered finish paint, which has a dull sheen and a cool pitted look.

And there you have it: an awesome trunk.

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