January 31, 2012

Music Magpie

I recently read a blog post concerning Lev Grossman's writing process, and liked this very much:
"... when you’re in a certain phase of novel-making, you’re like a magpie: when something gleams at you funny, you swoop down and grab it and take it back to your nest, because you know, you just know, you’re going to need it later." 
I've always found this to be true: I pick up images and snatches of words until they start to click into place, transforming themselves from snatches to stories. I've been collecting shiny things for my next writing project for several years now, waiting to be ready to write it, and I've found some music that I know I'm going to need. This is music that begs to be shared.

The Civil Wars - "Barton Hollow"

It's not every day that my mother introduces me to music that I fall heartily in love with. We have different tastes, but my thirst for haunting, rich bluesy music has me loving this duo an awful lot. If there was a book trailer for my WIP, this would be playing in it.

Boy & Bear - "Moonstone"

Oh, Australia. I love you in so many ways, specifically for introducing me to some of my favorite music. I love every song on this album, although this is one of the catchiest.

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