May 11, 2013


...that Secret Thing I've been working on since September, and which I finally get to brag about:

This year, I have had the fortunate privilege of working as project editor on two special editions of National Geographic. Like many adventurous, book-loving kids before me, I long dreamed of working for Nat Geo. And now I can say that, after months of late nights and hard work, that vision is a dream realized.

I'm very proud of the finished product, created and crafted by a wonderful editorial team from whom I learned so much. It is a compilation of 100 of the world's most beautiful places, from the tourmaline waters of the Great Barrier Reef and the jagged cliffs of Ireland to the sun-drenched walls of the Grand Canyon and the glistening ice sheets of Antarctica. This book is an inspiration for avid travelers, and makes a wonderful present for kids with wanderlust or adults with an affinity for beautiful photos. They  are available at bookstores and most newsstands and retailers (I've found them at Barnes & Noble, CVS, and many grocery stores). You can also purchase one here.


  1. SO freakin proud of you, Bean! Can't wait to buy one!!

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