February 21, 2012


So instead of blogging about my writing and editing process (later, promise) I've been making belated Valentine's cards. I don't celebrate the day, generally, but I do like taking it as an opportunity to shower some appreciation and do some crafting.

So today I did something a little subversive: I ripped up a book to make cards out of the pictures in it. I know, I know: a writer ripping up a hardback? Unthinkable! Except there are so many old, neglected books out there looking for a last hurrah. If they could converse, they'd say "I'm still interesting and relevant. So get me out of this second-hand bookshop before I throw myself off of this high, high shelf!" ... or something. Most of them will languish on back shelves and in cardboard boxes, slowly rotting away. But some will be repurposed and enjoyed in a whole new way. I was given a book about cool ways to do this called Playing With Books, and I have to say I think it's awesome. Easy, too:

Find a $5 bargain filled with yellowing pages and silly illustrations. 
Whip out your dinosaur typewriter and one-finger punch out some witticisms.
Try not to asphyxiate on the spray mount.

And there you go! Instant classics.

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