May 21, 2011

Novel #2: Done!

We crazy creatives all have our rituals for when we reach a pivotal moment. In Stephen King's Misery, the writer's thing was Dom Perignon and a Cuban cigar. For me, it was champagne and brownies.

The pivotal moment being: I finally finished Novel #2! Which means I can stop calling it that and start calling it by its actual name: Torn.

I started Torn early in 2010. It's seen me through some rocky times, and has been a constant source of solace. It is my first book in which I tackled multiple viewpoints, which was challenging, but very fun. Of course, it's not really done. I've got a LOT of editing to do before I can do anything with it. But, 86,500 words later, I'm still in love with my characters and I still believe in what I've written. It's stuffed full of shape shifting, blood spilling, good looking people brooding, and a whole lot of public nudity.

And that, in my opinion, is worth some very decadent baked goods.

Mom and I used to make 'midnight brownies', an oh-so-bad-for-you mother/daughter bonding ritual that marked many a teenaged night. And, since I was celebrating, here, I decided to go for Peanut Butter Brownies.

And they were worth every thigh-jiggling bite.


  1. CONGRATS! So very proud of you. I can't wait to read it ... and try those brownies. :D

  2. Followed you over from Ryan's blog. Hi! *waves* Congrats on finishing your second novel! What an accomplishment! I hope those brownies were awesome! :D

  3. Kate, I am falling in love with those characters as I am currently tearing through the latest revised version. You are AMAZING. But why haven't you made me those brownies yet?!