June 16, 2010

Squirrel Love (aka Me + Manfriend)

You know that thing that encapsulates your relationship so perfectly that you feel like it was made about you?

This would be that.

OK, not exactly (close). But it makes me really happy. And want my own tail to wrap Manfriend up in. (And my own kangaroo pouch, too, while we're at it. But that's a subject for another post.)


  1. I can totally just see you doing the sniffing. I like when she tries to put his hands back on her face and when she flips his tail over his head and pushes him over. This is super cute, just like you and your manfriend!

  2. this made me giggle out loud! :) I agree with Eve, the way she kept putting his hands on her nose and chattering away made me miss you lots!!

  3. I LOVE THIS CLIP!!! You are such an undercover ball of mush and totally your mother's daughter.
    Love you and your mollusk(sp?)